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The goal of Bacolod Pages is to gather and present accurate, reliable and well organized information about Bacolod to provide solutions for the people and visitors of Bacolod.
You can find the following information on Bacolodpages:
► Business information with logo, location, contact info, images, price list and further customized content.
► Event information - Information about upcoming events in Bacolod.
► News - News headlines from the different newspapers.
► Numbers to know - Emergency and other important numbers.
► Job Ads -  Job ads posted by businesses and organisations.
► Hotel bookings - Hotel bookings via
► Forum - A forum to discuss topics related to Bacolod and post classified ads.
The site has a responsive interface, which can be viewed on different kind of devices like smart phones, tablets and desktop PC's.
Explore the site and search for businesses, events, job ads or hotels through the search functionality.
Create your personal account for the site. It’s free. 
Additional features for registered users:
► Contact the business owner of the site through the Bacolod Pages messaging system.
► Subscribe to businesses with a price list to get Email and SMS notifications about different price list updates.
  - (SMS notification are only available when it is enabled by a business)
► Add business to your favourites, so you can easily find back your favourite businesses.
► “Flag inappropriate content” when you see it, to keep content accurate and to defeat spam and unwanted content in a collaborative way
►  Participate in the Forum to discuss topics related to Bacolod.
We live in Bacolod and we love Bacolod and we have developed the site to improve living and staying in Bacolod. The goal is to provide additional value and solutions for the people and visitors of Bacolod.  
Aside from being an online directory/city guide, the site is intended to be a medium for all Bacolodnons to engage and collaborate in gathering data to be able to provide solutions to topmost concerns of the city. For this we are developing additional functionality.
We do our utmost best to provide accurate information on the site.  We will continue to update this site to include newly registered businesses in the city. Bacolod pages aims to only cater REGISTERED businesses in the city. Although we encourage you to add a business listing, we reserve the right to DELETE businesses that are not registered. We also reserve the right to make changes and corrections in the content and terms of the website at any time, without notice.  We expressly disclaim all liability for the use or interpretation by others of the information contained in Bacolod Pages. 
If you encounter inadvertent inaccuracies and typographical errors on this website, or in our e-mails and newsletters sent, please send us a feedback to improve the site.
Thank you
The Bacolodpages Team



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