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Thank you for your interest in advertising on our site!
Increase the reach of your business is the number 1 information site for Metro Bacolod. 
Our Visitors go to for information on businesses, events, news, hotels, 
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Answering the demand from businesses, you can now advertise on the homepage of
This is a cost-effective way to reach a large amount of people interested in information about Bacolod.
Advertising Options
Background Image of Bacolodpages (new)
(1280x768) - P1,000 / week (5 spaces)
The background will be shown at random (1 of the 5 background images)
For example see the current backgrounds shown.
Note: Background not visible on Mobile
Sidebar on Homepage Bacolodpages
There are 6 different sizes you can choose from. For the sizes see the example ads below.

Big Sidebar Banner
(300x482) - P1,450 / week (1 space)

Square Sidebar Banner
(300x300) - p 900 / week (1 space)

Medium Sidebar Banner
(300x250) - p 750 / week (1 space)

Two to one sidebar Banner
(300x150) - p 450 / week (2 spaces)

Small Sidebar Banner
(300x100) - p 300 / week (2 spaces)

Half Sidebar Banner
(140x70) - p100 / week (6 spaces)


For custom advertising and placement availability please contact us at: 702-0600

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