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Submission and Writing Guidelines

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Submission and Writing Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to guide you with submitting posts in the forum, in order to maintain a standard of quality.


First you will need a account.
It is free and easy to sign up.
Each page at the very top has a "Login/Register" link.
After you have signed up and verified your account, you're all set to go!

Before Posting a topic

Look for existing posts in the forum before posting a new topic.

Posting of a topic in the forum

  1. Select a forum (General, Business, Events, etc.)
  2. Click the link "New Topic"
  3. Fill out the form
  • Topic - The topic title 
  • Description - The question or description of your topic
  1. Check your topic title and description   
  2. Click Save

Your post will now be posted on the forum.

Posting of a topic on an event or business page

  1. Click the "Post a question on the event/business forum" link
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Topic - The topic title is pre-filled with the page title of the page you post from
  4. Description - The question or description of your topic
  5. Check your topic title and description   
  6. Click Save

Once saved you will not be able to edit your topic.  Your post is directly visible in the forum
Make sure your submission is final before submitting, we recommend using some form of off-line editor to create your submission.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Choose a clear topic title.
  • Describe your question/topic in clear short sentences.
  • Please spell check and review your topic for correct grammar.  Failure to use proper spelling and/or grammar may result in rejection.

Inappropriate Content

Please click the "Flag as inapproproate content/comment" when you see content on the site which does not belong in the forum and give a reason.
This will help to keep the forum clean and appropriate.



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