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Promote your event and target your audience!

Increase the reach of your events

Promote your events on and and target your audience to maximize the efficiency of your promo.

  • Shown on first page of the bacolodpages event page
  • Shown on the facebook news feed of targeted users
  • Shown on the facebook news feed of selected Bacolodpages Fans (10000+)

The advantages of promoting your event are that you can choose:

  • Who you want to target. 
  • How many people you want to reach.
  • How many days you want to promote your event.
  • How many days before the event you want to start promoting your event.

You can target your audience on:

  • Gender (Man/Woman/Both)
  • Age group
  • Area (Bacolod + x km)
  • Interest

This all for P100 per 1000 targeted people reached

Minimum reach 1000 people per day.
All prices listed, exclude 12% VAT.

Steps to add your event

  1. Create your event.
  2. Choose your target audience.
  3. Choose your Listing option.
  4. Checkout and pay.via Paypal or creditcard.

What will happen after event promotion is paid?

  1. Your event will be published on Bacolod pages.
  2. Your event will be promoted on Facebook on the days prior to your event.
  3. After the promotion ended you will receive a report about the results of your event promotion.

Please add your event at least 1 day before you start your event promotion.

Add event promotion

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