Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell more about Bacolodpages?

Bacolodpages Fruits and Vegetables is an online store in Bacolod City.

We are located behind STI-West Negros University.

Address: Molave street, Barangay Villamonte

What products do you sell?

Bacolodpages sells Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Seeds, Salads, and other cooking ingredients in the Grocery section.

Go to the shop to see our wide assortment of more than 200 products.


What does "On order base" mean?

When a product is on "order base we" need to pre-order the product at suppliers.

The cut-off time for order-based products 
- Tuesday 6 PM - for delivery on Saturday 
- Thursday 6 PM - for delivery on Monday 
- Sunday 6 PM - for delivery on Thursday

How do I know the quility is good?

We take pride in delivering fresh products every day, by selecting the best quality available from our suppliers.

We have a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy.

Not happy, we replace or refund the items delivered.

Do you do delivery and pickup?

Delivery is to your doorstep from Monday to Saturday.

We also have pickup available, but no walk-in.

Pickup is at Molave Street, Brgy. Villamonte.

(Behind STI-West Negros University)

What are your delivery fees?

Bacolodpages has a minimum order amount of P500.

  • The delivery fee for orders above P500 is P50.
  • Free delivery for orders above P1000.
  • Also Free delivery for orders including Salads.

What time is my order delivered?

Delivery and Pickup starts at 10 AM.

You can give your preferred time for delivery or pickup when you checkout your order.

When you order Salads please always state the preferred delivery or pickup time.
(We will prepare your Salad just before delivering or pickup)

How is my order delivered?

Products are delivered in reusable crates to limit the amount of plastics bags used.

Only for some items, we cannot prevent using plastics.

What will happen when the weight is not the same as ordered?

For some items, we cannot find the exact weight as ordered. Sometimes it will be a little bit more, other times a little bit less.

You will see the actual weight delivered on your final invoice.


Can I Return an Item?

Yes, you can return an item when you are not happy with the quality delivered.

The quality of products delivered depends on the available quality at suppliers.

How can I return an Item?

Just let delivery know that you want to return the item and deduct the item from your bill.

We only accept returns if the item is in the same state as you received the item.


What happens when items are missing?

Please check your order when receiving it.

Let delivery know about the missing items and contact us.

What happens when I notice missing items later?

If you notice missing items later, please notify us about the missing items and we will deliver the same day or deduct them in your next order.

We can also refund the amount via GCash, BPI, or Metrobank.

How Can I Cancel an Order?

In the event you wish to cancel your order, please contact us

Once the cancellation request has been done, we will contact you.

What Payment Methods do you have?

Our Payment Options are Cash on Delivery (COD), GCash, BPI/Metrobank/Paypal online payment.

We will send the final order bill when the order is packed and ready for delivery.

Please state your order number when making your online Payment.

Do you accept bulk orders and supply restaurants?

Bacolodpages accepts bulk orders from businesses, hotels, restaurants, canteens, etc.

We also cater orders for parties. Orders above P5000 will get a 10% Discount.

Please contact us using: cell phone, the contact form, or Facebook Chat.

You can also send an email to


How can I order using the site?

  1. Create an account and log in to the site.
  2. Go to the shop.
  3. Add items to your cart.
  4. Check the items in your cart and proceed to check out
  5. Review your order at checkout.
  6. Give delivery/pickup and billing info and place your order.
  7. Your order will be processed and we notify you the next day before we deliver.
  8. Enjoy your fresh fruits, vegetables, and other items!



How can I create an account?

Click the person icon at the top of a page and click the "Create Account" link.

Fill out your email address, username, password, and City you live in.

Click "Create New Account"

You can also create an account using your Facebook account by clicking the Facebook icon.

How can I login when I forgot my password?

Click the Reset your password tab on the login page.

Fill out your username or email address used to register to the site.

Click the submit button.

We will send an email with a link to log in to reset your password.