Lettuce - Romaine (kg)

Fresh Romaine lettuce is available daily at Bacolod Pages. It is a crispy salad green with high nutritional value.

For this product we use actual weight on your final bill.
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Leafy Greens

Product Description

Romaine lettuce is a type of salad lettuce. It comes from the same plant family as other types of lettuce. The name “romaine” suggests that the lettuce might have originated in Rome. It also grows well in the Mediterranean climate. Romaine lettuce leaves are long and taper toward the root of the lettuce. The upper part of the leaves is a deeper green color and more flimsy than the lower leaves. Toward the bottom of the lettuce, the leaves become sturdier and have thick, white ribs that contain a slightly bitter fluid. This gives romaine lettuce its distinctive taste.

The amount of this bitter fluid increases farther down the stalk. When you want to avoid bitterness, throw away the thickest part of the leaves. Thoroughly wash romaine lettuce before use by pulling off each leaf and rinsing any debris or dirt from the surface. Alternatively, soak the lettuce in water briefly and lightly massage the leaves to remove the dirt, then dry with a dishcloth or in a salad spinner.

You can chop the leaves or use them whole, depending on personal preference or the recipe.