Mushrooms Enoki (pack)


Buy your Fresh Enoki Mushrooms at Bacolod Pages. Product of China.

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Enoki Mushrooms (Flammulina veluptipes), are a long and thin type of mushroom with small caps on one end and it is native to China, Japan, and Korea. They are a versatile, tasty fungus known for their crisp texture and mild flavor. Also known as winter mushrooms or golden needle mushrooms, are commonly cultivated in regions throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

You can prepare them in so many ways and pair them with tons of different ingredients. Slice them up raw and toss them in a salad, grill them, sauté them, or roast them. Add them to soups, sandwiches, wraps, casseroles, and Italian dishes. Mushrooms work well as a side dish, or as the main course for vegetarians.

You should consume the Enoki’s soon after you buy them. They don't last long, even when refrigerated.