Kiat-Kiat (Net)


Cute and sweet Kiat-Kiat mandarins from Bacolod Pages for an easy snack. Full of Vitamin C. Brand and Size can change.

Quantity Pricing
1+130 PHP
3+125 PHP
Product Category
Oranges & other citrus fruits

Product Description

Kiat-Kiat's small size and sweet flavor make it the perfect snack for on-the-go. Enjoy them on their own, use them in your fuit salad, or add them to your smoothies, shakes or juice together with some other fruits for a burst of flavor.

Kiat-Kiat is also known as mini mandarin oranges or clementines. Different varieties of small mandarins may be sold as Kiat-Kiat depending on the season. China is the biggest producer with about 50% of the world market.