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Try some delicious passion fruits from Bacolod pages when in season.

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It's easy to make a natural juice out of passion fruit for drinking with your breakfast by scooping out the pulp and adding cold water with a little pure honey. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds or basil seeds for extra fiber and nutrition.

There are purple and yellow passion fruits. The Yellow ones are larger and sourer. These are the type of passion fruits we have available.

You can use passion fruit in juices, smoothies, cakes, ice cream, and many more... or you can use a spoon and scoop and eat the pulp directly from a fresh passion fruit. It's delicious!

If you wonder: can I eat the seeds? Yes, you can eat the dark seeds whole, but when you chew them they are quite crunchy.

The Passion Fruit plant is native to southern Brazil and Paraguay to northern Argentina.

Brazil accounts for 50–60% of world production and is the largest producer and consumer of fresh and processed passion fruit. From tropical South America, they are introduced in the Philippines, They are grown for their fruit and also as an ornamental vine.